EZ Armor Coatings


EZ Armor

EZ armor is a hydrophobic surface treatment formulated to produce water repellant and oleophobic properties when applied to glass substrates. The product contains an amphiphilic polymer dispersed in mineral spirits. When applied to glass, the polymer reacts with the substrate via a moisture activated sol-gel chemistry.

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Hydrophobic Coatings

What is hydrophobic surface impregnation?  

The hydrophobic coating consists of a nano-structure coating applied to the surface and can not to be seen with naked eye. What you see is a beading, water repelling effect.

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Water forms beads on the treated surface. After treating, the nano-structures form a breathable, durable adhesion with the surface. The new Easy-to-Clean surface is now easily maintained, optically clear and stain-resistant.


The life span of the coating depends on user habits. The nano-structure adhesion with the surface is solid, durable and gives an easy-to-clean effect that acts like Teflon. If you use heavy abrasives, strong alkaline, strong acid or brushes, the coating will be damaged, and could damage the surface itself.


For maintenance, it is sufficient to wipe the glass with a cotton towel or a glass squeegee. Soap and dirt particles are easily removed and the clear beading effect will be preserved.

Is the coated surface self-cleaning?
In truth, no product is self-cleaning, but the cleaning will be easier and less frequent due to the hydrophobic properties of the nano-impregnation coating.

  • The hydrophobic coating beads dirt and water so that all runs off without adhesion to the surface.
  • The impregnation forms a breathable, durable bond with the surface and reduces stains, calcium buildup, etching and lime residue.
  • Do not use abrasives, alkaline, acid or brushes.
  • For shower glass, please allow sufficient air flow to dry.

Oleophobic Coatings

(Oleophobic Surface Impregnation)

What is oleophobic surface impregnation?  

Oleophobic surface impregnation is considered the “Holy Grail” of surface technology. Technically, oleophobic coatings are extremely difficult produce. Surface tension measures the tendency of the molecules of a material to group together. Water beads easily because it has a high surface tension. Oil spreads because the surface tension is low. To put it another way, water runs off a duck’s back while oil sticks to the feathers.

Hydrophobic materials are easily found in nature. The lotus leaf, grass and human hair are perfect examples of this. The surface tension of oil is so low that there are no naturally occurring oleophobic materials.

EZ Armor’s scientists have created oleophobic technology by adapting the nanotechnology of hydrophobic coatings to counteract the low surface tension of oil.

What does this mean?

This means that you get an easy-to-clean surface that repels oil. The surfaces that before were always soiled and difficult to clean are now Armored. Fingerprints and smudges are reduced and easily cleaned. No more harsh chemicals and dangerous solvents. Depending on the surface and regular maintenance, the protection could last a lifetime.