Hydrophobic Treatment for Glass
Product Data Sheet
Revision Date: March 2015
Product Description
EZ ARMOR is a hydrophobic surface treatment formulated to produce water
repellant and oleophobic properties when applied to glass substrates. The product
contains an amphiphilic polymer dispersed in mineral spirits. When applied
to glass, the polymer reacts with the substrate via a moisture activated sol-
gel chemistry.
Contact Angle:
After application and cure, EZ ARMOR produces contact angles of 100-107
degrees on glass substrates.
Chemical Resistance:
EZ ARMOR has been exposed for 24 hour periods to chemicals ranging in
pH from 1.5 to 13.5 with no degradation in properties. These materials include
98% sulfuric acid, cleaning chemicals, ammonia, acetic acid, and 10%
sodium hydroxide.
Abrasion Resistance:
EZ ARMOR has been subjected to abrasion using wet wipe, dry wipe and tabor
abrasion cycles. After one thousand cycles the contact angle remains above 95
degrees and the two drop roll remains less than 10 degrees.
The product is applied using a paper towel, cotton cloth, or sponge. Care should be
taken to ensure the substrate is clean and dry. Clean the surface with
Isopropyl alcohol, or an ammonia based cleaner. The material should be applied in
a uniform film across the surface of the glass and allowed to dry for 1-5
minutes. After drying excess material should be removed using a microfiber cloth.
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Enhanced Properties:
After application, the hydrophobic properties can be further enhanced by cleaning
the treated surface with an ammonia or all purpose cleaner. This step is not
required, but does reduce the roll angle considerably.
One gallon treats approximately 2000 square meters.
Packaged in 5, 15 and 55 gallon containers
Store in a controlled environment at 32 to 100F
Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture
Manufactured by: USBI Inc.
391 Newry Rd
Seneca, SC 29672
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