Innovation is part of our name for a reason. At USBI, we build innovations into every product we develop. Our laboratory is consistently creating new technologies. When we put our name on something, it means it has passed every test and has proven to work. The reason to choose us for development is clear. We outperform everyone else in the industry. We do that because we are never satisfied. We continually look for ways to make what already works, work better.

Years of research, testing and experience go into every product we make. If we don’t have a product that is able to meet your demands, we have the ability to customize formulations to meet your unique needs. Along with our own extensive knowledge in the industry, we have a network of research labs, scientists and university professors that assist us and provide access to technologies and equipment to develop new innovations that are unparalleled. Our team’s experience in military and industrial R&D means we have the know-how and capability to meet every expectation.

We are always working to create the next innovative solution, and will continue to strive to be the industry leader in everything we do. Find out why USBI is the clear leader in R&D Innovations.